Speed, quality, scale, and cost efficiency delivered

OitoLabs partners with big and small enterprises to scale up their engineering capacity, develop complex enterprise-class platforms, and accelerate their product development times. Our deep expertise in enterprise and emerging technologies helps us understand your unique business needs, vision and mission. In turn, it enables us to build dedicated, scalable teams of experienced professionals to deliver quality products and solutions to you with speed and cost efficiency. In short, we take your complex problems and turn them into elegant, robust, and future-proof solutions.

  • Work closely with the client team to understand current development, testing, and production practices and potential growth ideas
  • Create ideal, dedicated local development team
  • Effectively manage the distributed teams to transform innovative ideas into powerful tech solutions
  • Develop, test, and implement the best technologies to optimize client business processes and boost growth

Our customised solutions include, but are not restricted to:

SaaS Products / Enterprise Platforms
Enterprises with simple business processes that are looking to lower capital expenditure will find great value in outsourcing software development to OitoLabs and using our software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. OitoLabs’ software development team has deep experience and prodigious coding skills that enable it to offer custom software that is robust, flexible, and scalable. Our agile development and end-to-end software development services will endow your organization with exceptional business value.

OitoLabs' product engineers provide a customized and rich user experience by:

• Working closely with clients to understand their vision

• Making strategic recommendations and locking down on the technology, architecture

• Building platforms, evaluating, improving, and testing to the client's satisfaction

• Implementing and supporting continuous improvement
Blockchain Solutions
Blockchain, shared ledger, and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are transforming the way business is conducted all over the world. OitoLabs offers blockchain consulting and development to help clients securely navigate this disruptive and complex financial and transaction model.

OitoLabs’ team of blockchain developers help create scalable cryptocurrency wallets, Bitcoin, and private blockchain apps through:

• Detailed discussions to understand client requirements and analyze feasibility and potential

• Defining design, architecture, and technology stack

• Seamless handovers among the development, test, and deployment teams and the marketing, sales, DevOps, and customer support teams

• Support and maintenance to ensure smooth operation

Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise mobility is poised to become one of the leading drivers of business growth. The incredible reach and personalization enabled by mobile devices makes ‘mobile’ integral to designing any customer experience. OitoLabs can provide comprehensive mobility solutions that:

• Enhance business processes

• Capture new markets and opportunities

• Ensure security for your data and network

We not only design, develop, test, and maintain your solution but consistently improve it by using analytics. Our team’s experience across domains such as healthcare, banking, and finance, retail, m-commerce, education, realty, manufacturing, government has given us the technical and market expertise to create ideal enterprise mobility solutions.
Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
Shorter product cycles and changing customer preferences have intensified the need for efficient product engineering. Custom AI-based solutions using machine learning and deep learning can increase productivity, enable faster decision making, and help automate operations. Incorporating such intelligent systems also deliver an immersive user experience.

OitoLabs develops tailored solutions that process high volumes of data and run sophisticated algorithms to allow customers to improve their current products as well as design and develop new, cutting-edge products.

The benefits of machine-learning powered business models include:

• Ability to understand user behavior and predict potentially attractive products

• Intelligent automation that saves time and costs while increasing efficiency

• Predictive analytics that enable informed, and therefore more successful, decision making

Data Science
The increasing connectedness of devices has resulted in voluminous, unstructured, disparate siloes of data. Visionary product managers will look to extract actionable information from this Big Data and connect these insights with product development. OitoLabs employs data science as a means to powerfully leverage predictive analytics.

We harness cognitive customer analytics and enterprise operations analytics to help clients to improve customer satisfaction by predicting demand patterns, sharpen business strategies, stem revenue leakage, and boost bottom lines.
DevOps Transforming Business Process Reengineering
OitoLabs takes forward the concept of agile development by applying DevOps to creatively collaborate along the value chain. It enables teams to work synergistically by connecting product managers, developers and engineers with the rest of the business to deliver the best possible product.

Employing the DevOps-as-a-Service model is an efficient way to ensure faster, effective, and innovative deployment.

The DevOps experts at OitoLabs perform the following tasks to give you a satisfying customer experience:

• Analyze your IT processes and software infrastructure

• Present a solution for your approval

• Form the ideal team to set up continuous delivery

• Implement a phased release process within the decided timeframe

• Provide 24/7 support till objectives are achieved